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Gaining Focus as a Beginner DJ
Perhaps you’ve just gotten your first DJ controller or set of decks, and you’re wondering… “now what?” Just about every day, I get an email from someone who is wide-eyed and excited [...]
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4 Steps to More Purposeful DJing
Many people decide to become DJs because it gives them the opportunity to feel like a rockstar, if only for a moment. There’s a certain appeal that comes along with [...]
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Things That Don’t Actually Make You a Better DJ
One of the more frustrating things about DJs: our incessant ability to redefine what real DJing is. It seems like we’d have a lot of better DJs in the world if we [...]
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Classics Never Die: What It Means for DJs to Grow Old
Though rock, pop, and hip-hop artists can have trouble keeping up with culture as they grow older, Jonny Coleman argues that dance club DJs often get better with age.
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