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Getting engaged is one of the most special moments in anyone’s life! After many tears and selfies come the, at times, the daunting task of planning your wedding. From venues to first dances, how are couples supposed to know what exactly to ask their potential DJ? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled 10 Things to Look For In a Wedding DJ. Questions we get asked by many couples we meet with.
Not only do you want to make sure your future DJ has wedding experience, but are they also well-rounded? At Gavpop DJs team, we predominately perform at weddings. We also do many corporate events and birthdays, which gives our DJs various experiences with different crowds.
Is there a backup? Any experienced DJ can attest to how vital backup equipment is. What’s worse than the wrong song playing as your Bride is walking down the aisle? You guessed it – no song. All of our DJs use professional quality sound systems and always carry backup equipment in case of any technical difficulties.
Are you handing your future DJ a piece of paper with your music requests, hoping for the best? Through our interactive online portal, couples have the option to create playlists (such as “Must Play” and “Do Not Play”) and fill out a detailed form outlining their special day. Our goal is to make your Vision a reality!
Love is universal – just as your DJ’s library should be. Music nowadays is so easily accessible that it’s never an issue for our DJs to find the right Hora or Hymn version for your walk down the aisle!
When hiring your possible DJ, finding out who works for the organization can be handy. Being based in the melting pot, it’s extremely valuable to us to have diverse Disc Jockeys on our team. That’s why at Gavpop DJs team, we have five inclusive & adaptable DJs. All with over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry.
Not every DJ is an MC (Master of Ceremonies). Whether you want your DJ to dance with your crowd or not to say a word, this should always be expressed to your potential entertainment vendor. At Gavpop Djs team, we pride ourselves on essential MCing. Our DJs will not yell at guests to dance or make corny jokes over the mic. Instead, they use what our couples have given them along with their creativity to keep the dance floor packed all night.
Okay, so you have a DJ booked. Now, what happens? When does your DJ arrive? As an entertainment company, we do not charge for setup or breakdown. Our DJs arrive an hour beforehand to ensure their equipment for the entire day is ready to go. By doing so, it allows your guests to transition without having your DJ move speakers or microphones in front of them.
In an Internet-driven world, websites and social media help most of us make decisions. What’s easier than reading real-life testimonies from the palm of your hand? Through trusted, reputable sites such as WeddingWire and The Knot, couples can review all 400+ reviews about Gavpop DJs. We also encourage you to listen to our mixes under our “Look, Listen, Love” page!
Simply put – if a vendor takes longer than three days to return a phone call or email, what impression of reliability is that going to leave you? The Gavpop DJs team understands how important your wedding day is to you from the moment you first contact us.
What separates them from their competitors? Not only should you ask questions about their services offered, but also why going with them trumps any other decision. See, with Gavpop DJs’ professionalism, endless customizations, and dedicated guidance throughout the whole planning process is why in hire us!

Before you hire our DJ Company, make sure you review our list of 10 Things to Look for in a Wedding DJ. If you have any additional questions, contact us or click here.